Apartment in Fire at Macon St

  On November 8, 2012 at about 12:30 pm at 1429 Macon St, Aurora, the fire first was discovered because of the thick black smoke out of the doors and windows by the same apartment residents. I arrived at the scene when the fire had already been extinguished by the Aurora Police Department.  The investigators observed the first floor specially because the fire was discovered there first and partially revealed that it had originated at the door side as measured by the statement of the resident. 

Most of the fire victims are the Bhutanese community members that about four families have to reluctantly abandon their apartments as ordered by the Investigation Department until Saturday because they want to be more aware of the exact reasons behind the incident. Now they are residing at their relatives’ apartment complexes for the time being. The Bhutanese organization requested the Investigation Department to expedite the process of investigation so that the agony of the victims and the victims’ families would come to closure.

All the agencies like Ecumenical, Lutheran and ACC were involved on this fire incident to give the moral support and know the situation. In particular, American Red Cross Society investigated and penned the number of families who need the immediate support and they would hopefully meet the necessity of the victims tomorrow.
Sher Mizer
Denver CO

Haritalika Teej in Colorado

 The Global Bhutanese Community of Colorado (GBCC) observed the Haritalika Teej today at Lowry Park (11th & Dayton St) amidst grand cultural performances.
According to the report of the Project Coordinator Sher Mizer, the program was attended by more than 300 people. 
Meanwhile, Mrs. Krishna Maya Chapagain an elderly lady of 103-year was honored by the Organization .The American spectators who were fascinated in red saries danced and enjoyed to the rhythm of Teej songs played, which was another attraction of the program.

 One of the board members Ms Gaynu Koirala highlighted on the importance of the cultural and traditional aspect of the Teej celebration with a view to inform and keep the children and youth to respect the cultural belief.
Chairman of GBCC Mr. Hari Uprety also congratulated the program Committee for their accomplishment of the program so successfully and for being so systematic.
Meanwhile, other founder members and well-wishers were remembered and thanked for their tremendous contribution in bringing the organization to the present stage and sought help to attain the status of Charity based Organization.

Bhutanese Intellectual Conference
Global Bhutanese community of Colorado (GBCC) conducted a program named Bhutanese Intellectual Conference (BIC) during July,2012. One day program held at May Library in Denver Colorado was between GBCC and Bhutanese Intellectuals.
About 35 intellectuals present during that program were informed about the organisation and the program being carried out by it. Detail of the program can be viewed in the following videos.

Learning Accessories Distributed

Youth Organization named Nameste Entertainment of Colorado today distributed the learning accessories to the ESL students. Speaking to the participants in the ESL site at 1642 Alton Street Aurora CO 80010, Mr Jiden Rai (A member of the Organization) said that the youths are happy to see such classes in our community. He further added that the organization will continue with their support in the future.
Narayan Neupane
Denver CO

Training for ESL
Global Bhutanese Community Colorado, Inc (GBCC) conducted training. The training organized in association with Colorado African Organization (CAO) aim in developing skilled teachers for ESL classes in the community.
GBCC is running apartment based ESL classes in different locations of Aurora and Denver. About sixteen teachers of Bhutanese Community who are going to volunteer in these classes got benefit out of this program.
The training facilitator Mr. George from CAO focused mainly on finding students need and level. Further, the program was able to built teachers’ capacity in effective teaching through modern teaching pedagogy which believes on pragmatism.
Narayan Neupane
Denver Colorado.

Global Bhutanese Community Colorado, Inc (GBCC) in collaboration with the students of Denver University (DU) hosted a program BHUTANESE CULTURAL NIGHT on May 30, 2012.

   Three hours long program focused on the past to present life of Bhutanese in Colorado. The elderly and experienced Bhutanese Menuka Nepal, Yadu Khanal and Indra Gautam shared their experiences in the camps at Nepal and now in Colorado. Some of the important issues of Bhutanese in Colorado that were brought out during the program were: difficulty in getting jobs and acquiring the US citizenship due to limited English language proficiency. The other issue on which theses people focused is paying medical bills as they don’t have medicaid or insurance (Nowhere they can enroll in insurance as they have no jobs)
A documentary titled LIFE OF BHUTANESE REFUGEES was the main attraction of the program. It highlighted the life of Bhutanese Refugees from Bhutan to Nepal and then to the United States of America or other third countries around the world. Several Nepali dances shown by the youngster of the Bhutanese Community were the other attraction.
                             The chair man of GBCC, Mr. Hari Uprety illuminated the need of program like this for bringing out the issues of the Bhutanese in Colorado so that they may be addressed in future.  Mr. Uprety thanked the organizers, the board members of GBCC, the community members, Mr. Joe and Mr. Krassin for their presence and helping in making the program a grand success.
Narayan Neupane
Denver CO

Clothes Distribution

Global Bhutanese Community Colorado, Inc (GBCC) held clothes distribution program at its office on 5th May 2012. The program was targeted to the fresh arrivals and some needy Bhutanese families here in Colorado.

The Program was inaugurated by the chair person of GBCC Mr Hari Uprety. Two active members assisting in the distribution were Mr Gobinda Gautan and Mr Sher Mizar. Many new arrived and other needy Bhutanese families were benefited by the program. Mr uprety told during the program that GBCC is looking forward to have such programs in the future too.
             It is said that the families present for the benefit during the program thanked the entire GBCC team for such a great program.
Narayan Neupane
Denver CO

Colorado Bhutaness Soccer Team Decleared

Detail of Colorado Team:
Youth and Sports Coordinator: Charan Bhattarai    
Head Coach/Manager: Umesh Ghimire
Team Guider: Netra Subedi
1)      Susil Subedi  (Team Captain)
2)      Pranesh Gurung (Vice Captain)
3)      Shekhar Chapagai
4)      Bikash Biswa
5)      Kashi Poudel
6)      Milan Rai
7)      Dhan Gurung
8)      Suraj Subedi
9)      Santosh Rai
10)  Chabi Luitel
11)  Ramesh (Goalie)
12)  Devi Gautam
13)  Deo Kumar Basnet
14)  Abinash Nepal

ग्लोबल भुटानिज कम्युनिटी कोलोराडो द्वारा सांस्कृतिक कार्यक्रम भब्यताको साथ सम्पन्न।
आचार्य प्रभा/ डेन्वर कोलोराडो
ग्लोबल भुटानिज कम्युनिटी कोलोराडोद्वारा गत अक्टोबर ३० तारिक शनिबारका दिन भब्यताको साथ सांस्कृतिक कार्यक्रम सम्पन्न भयो । उक्त कार्यक्रममा प्रमुख अतिथी कोलोराडोका  जोसेफ विस्मेन होर्थर Joseph Wisman Horther(इन्टरग्रेसन प्रोग्राम सुपर भाईजर ) हुनुहुन्थ्यो भने कार्यक्रमका अध्यक्ष श्रीमती मेनुका नेपाल हुनुहुन्थ्यो । हरी उप्रेती तथा गंगा उप्रेतीद्वारा संचालित उक्त कार्यक्रमको पहिलो चरणमा अतिथी आसन ग्रहणको साथै प्रमुख अतिथी र अध्यक्ष ज्युको हातबाट दीप प्रज्ज्वलन कार्यक्रम थियो । कार्यक्रमको प्रथम सांस्कृतिक प्रस्तुतिमा स्वागत न्रित्य "तिहारै आयो" बोलको गीतबाट लीला उप्रेती,बन्दना,मालती र मनिषाले ढोका उघारेका थिए । कार्यक्रमको अर्को प्रस्तुतिमा ग्लोबल भुटानिज कम्युनिटीको परिचय नेपाली र अङ्रेजी भाषामा प्रस्तुत गरिएको थियो भने सोही अवसरमा स्वागत मन्तब्य पनि प्रस्तुत गरिएको थियो । कार्यक्रमको अर्को चरणमा सोही संस्था तथा संस्थाका नव नियुक्त कार्यकारीणी समितिका पदाधिकारीहरुको  परिचयात्मक प्रस्तुती र तस्बिर लिने कार्यक्रम थियो ।  उक्त कार्यक्रममा उक्त संस्थाका चिफ एजुकेटिव अफिसर शिवाकोटीले G.B.C.C संस्थाको भविष्यको योजना बारे पनि प्रष्ट पार्नु भएको थियो । आफु शरणार्थी हुँदै तेस्रो मुलुकमा आउनुको पीडा तथा भोगाइेलाई प्रष्ट्याउँदै आफु जहाँ रहे पनि आफ्नो भाषा,कला,संस्क्रितिलाइे जिवन्त राख्न वहाँहरु सधैं प्रयत्नशिल रहने प्रतिबद्धता जनाउँनु  भएको थियो । आफ्ना जन्मभुमीलाइे छाडे पनी आफ्नो परम्परालाई दिगो राख्न र अमेरिकाको नागरिक नै बने पनी आफ्नो मात्री भाषालाइे सधैं प्रश्रय दिने र आफ्ना सन्ततिहरुलाइे नेपाली भाषामा पोख्त गराउँन आफुहरुले सकेसम्म नेपाली कक्षा संचालन गर्ने प्रयास गरेको पनी खुलासा गर्नु भएको  थियो ।कार्यक्रमकै मध्यभागमा रेफ्युजी प्रोग्राम सुपर भाईजर म्यारोलिन इेटनले(Marilyn Eaten) पनि उक्त संस्थालाइे बधाई ज्ञापन गर्दै शुभकामना दिनुभएको थियो । उपस्थित  बयो ब्रिद्ध दर्शक श्रोताहरुले शिरमा नेपाली टोपी ढल्काइे साँच्चै आफुहरु नेपाली (भुटानिज )भएको परिचय पनी दिनु भएको थियो । लाग्दथ्यो त्यो माहौल साँच्चै नै आफ्नो कला,संस्क्रितीमा चुर्लुम्म डुबिरहेको छ ।कार्यक्रमको दोश्रो प्रस्तुतिमा "कर्कलो गाभा" र "हरिया चुरा मेरा हातभरी" बोलका गीतहरुमा सुन्दर न्रित्य सन्डिया,सम्झना,इन्दिरा,चक्र,पुष्प,क्रिष्णले प्रस्तुत गरेका थिए । कार्यक्रमको अर्को आकर्षण भने अर्का स्टेटबाट आएका अतिथी गायक द्वय किशोर शिवाकोटी र सुरज राइे थिए । गायक सुरज राइेले आफ्ना केही गीतहरु र अन्य गीतहरु गाएर युवा जमात श्रोताहरुलाई खुबै नँचाएका थिए । यसै क्रममा आफ्नो मौलिक परम्परा र संस्क्रितीलाई दिर्घ राख्न सोही प्रांङणमा केही महिलाहरुले सँगिनी न्रित्य पस्केर ब्रिद्ध महिला तथा दर्शकहरुलाई पनी केही अतितको स्मरण गराइे मनोरन्जन दिनु भएको थियो । दर्शकहरुको खचाखच भिंडले भरिएको उक्त हलमा भुटानिज समुदायका ब्यक्तिहरु मात्र नभएर अन्य ब्यक्तिहरुको पनी उपस्थिती थियो । उक्त उपस्थितिमा किराँत राइे सोसाइटी अफ अमेरिका कोलोराडोका अध्यक्ष श्री आकाश राइेको पनी उपस्थिती रहेको थियो । सांस्कृतिक कार्यक्रमकै अर्को प्रस्तुतीमा "छिटको सारी मक्खमली चोलीलाइे"बोलको गीतमा सरिता,हेमा,सुकु र उमाले सुन्दर न्रित्य प्रस्तुत गरेर दर्शकलाई पूर्ण मनोरन्जन दिएका थिए । यसरी साँगीतिक,सांस्कृतिक कार्यक्रमलाइे निरन्तर्ता दिन अर्का गायक किशोर शिवाकोटीले पनी प्रथम आफ्ना दुई लाइेन गीत "सम्झी देउ न हे दाइ पुरानो कथालाइे" बोलको गीत जुन भुटान छाड्नु पर्दाको हर भुटानिज मनहरुको ब्यथा पोखिएको शब्दको गीत अरु आफ्ना केही गीत र अन्य गीतहरु गाएर श्रोताहरुलाई मुग्ध बनाएका थिए ।  उक्त कार्यक्रममा जिडेन राइे,सोम बराल,मुक्ती उप्रेती तथा अन्य पदाधिकारीहरु पनि कार्यक्रम सफल पार्न ब्यस्त हुनुहुन्थ्यो ।

त्यस्तै मनोरन्जन दिने क्रममा "डाली डालीमा "छिट्को गुँन्यु तिमीले लगाउँदा" बोलका गीतहरुमा क्रिष्मा,पूर्णी,भावना,हेमा,कुमारी र जयले न्रित्य प्रस्तुत गरेका थिए । कार्यक्रमको अन्तिम चरणमा प्रमुख अतिथीजोसेफ विस्मेन होर्थर Joseph Wisman Horther ले  सम्पूर्ण भुटानिज समुदायलाइे शुभकामना मन्तब्य दिनु भएको थियो भने कार्यक्रमको बिट मार्दै उक्त संस्थाकी नवनियुक्त अध्यक्ष श्रीमती मेनुका नेपालले सम्पूर्ण उपस्थित महानुभावहरु र यस् कार्यक्रमलाइे सहयोग गर्नु हुने,बिभिन्न स्थानबाट प्रायोजन गरेर आर्थिक सहयोग गर्नु हुने र यसै संस्था भित्र रहेका र भुटानिज समुहकै जती पनी ब्यक्तिहरुले प्रतक्ष,अप्रतक्ष रुपमा सहयोग गर्नु भयो वहाँहरुप्रती आभार ब्यक्त गर्नु हुँदै कार्यक्रमको बिसर्जन भएको घोषणा गर्नु भएको थियो ।
उक्त कार्यक्रममा श्रब्य द्रिष्य र केही तस्बिरहरु लिइेदिएर बि.आर.टि.नेपालका संस्थापक तथा फोटो ग्राफर श्री शैलेस पोख्रेल ज्युले यो संस्थाप्रती आभारी बनी दिनु भएको थियो । 

अन्ततह् पूर्ण रुप
सोम बराल
औरोरा  कोलोरडो 
ग्लोबल भुटानिस कम्युनिटी कोलोरडो (G.B.C.C) ले अन्ततह् पूर्ण रुप लिन सफल भएकोछ। बिगत् चार बर्ष देखि को अथक प्रयास  निरन्तर्ताले आज सफलता हासिल गरेको छ। गत साता को आईतवार सम्पन्न ब्रिहत सास्क्रितिक कार्यक्रम का साथ् जी बी सी सी को स्थापना को औपचारिक घोषणा भयो। कोलोरडो रेफुजी सेवा कार्यक्रमका integration Supervisor जोसेप प्रमुख अतिथि रहेको उक्त कार्यक्रममा करिब ३०० भुटानीहरुको सहभागिता रहेको थियो। दुई बर्षको कार्यकाल् का लागि मनोनित १५ जनाको नयाँ कार्य समितिलाई कार्यक्रम का प्रमुख अतिथिले  खादा ओडाएर शुभकामना दिनु भएको थियो। यसै कर्यक्रम् मा जी बी सी सी को वेबसाईट बनिसकेको खुलासा पनि गरिएको थियो। नव गठित कार्य समितिमा मेनुका नेपाल,मनी दाहाल,सोम बराल,अभी नेयुपाने,नारायन नेयुपाने, मोती सिवाकोटी, शिव भट्राई,कुल खड्का,जिदेन राई,दुर्गा तामाङ,सेर मिजार्, बीदुर दाहाल्, ज्ञ।नु कोइराला  भुवन प्यकुरेल रहनु भएको छ। एक् जना सदस्यको स्थान अहिले रिक्त रहेकोछ  हरि उप्रेती तथा गंगा उप्रेती    को उद्घोसण रहेको उक्त कार्यक्रमलाई बिभिन्न संघ सस्थाहरुले आर्थिक सहयोग गरि सफल पार्न साथ् दिनुभएको थियो। कोलोरडो मा भुटानी हरुको आगमन बीगत २००८ को सुरु देखि भएको थियो  ऐले सम्म आउने क्रम जारी छ। अमेरिकामा पुनर्स्थापित भुटानी  समुदायको दोस्रो ठुलो सङ्ख्या मानीने कोलोरडो राज्यको भौगोलीक बनावत  हावा पानी लाई अदिकाअंसले मन परएको छ।  नयाँ देश्, नयाँ भाषा, नयाँ कानून, नयाँ सन्स्क्रिति को सामना गर्दै आफ्नो भाषा  सन्स्क्रिति लाई कायम राक्न  भुटानी समाज लागि परेको   आफ्नु छुटै पहिचान दिन सभल भएसकेको छ।
जी बी सी सी को स्थापना  को प्रयास २००८ देखि नै भएको भए पनि राज्यमा दर्ता भने २०१० भएको थियो। यो संस्थाको स्थापनाका लागि धेरै ब्यक्तित्वहरुले आफ्नु अमुल्य समय दिनु भएको छ।  यो  बर्ष को छोटो समयमा नै जी बी सी सी ले धेरै प्रगति गर्न सफल भएको छ। Colorado African Organization (C.A.O) को नेत्रित्व मा यहि बर्ष जी बी सी सी ले Office of the Refugee Resettlement (O.R.R) को  grant प्राप्त गरेको छ। यसै क्रममा जी बी सी सी को आफ्नो कार्यालय पनि निकट भबिश्यमा स्थापना हुँदै छ। यो भुटानी  समुदाय का लागि प्राप्त grant लाई जी बी सी सी ले नेपाली भाषाको कक्षा सनचालन, नागरिक्ता कक्षा, ए।स्।ल (E.S.L) तथा कार्यालय स्थापना जस्ता आधर्भुत कर्यहरुका लागि प्रयोग गर्ने छ। C.A.O. को प्रत्क्क्ष निग्र।नीमा सन्चाल हुने उक्त grant  का लागि Grant coordinator  को पद् मा सेतु नेपाललाई जी बी सी सी को सर्ब सहमती ले पारित गरेको छ।
 यो संस्था स्थापना का लागि प्रतक्ष, अपक्ष वा अन्य कुनै पनि रुपमा सहयोग गर्ने संस्थापक सदस्यहरु  तथा अन्य ब्यक्तित्वहरु प्रति जी बी सी सी  सधैं आभारी रहनेछ।

Bhutanese in CO to Celebrate Deepawali
Bhutanese Refugee in Colorado is going to celebrate Deepawali festival on coming Sunday 10/30/2011.
The program is organised by Global Bhutanese Community Colorado (GBCC). The main aim of the program is to keep the Nepali-Hindu culture alive and make the younger generation informed about the culture and tradition of celebrating Deepawali/Tihar festival. In the program
there will be live concert by some of the famous Bhutanese Artists, dances and much more

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