BHUTAN, a small country in the heart of eastern Himalayas, greatly known to the world today for its amazing development philosophy based on “GROSS NATIONAL HAPPINESS”. The same country that values the happiness of its people over economic development of the country had initiated a systematic eviction of its citizen of Nepali origin in early 1990s that forced over a hundred thousand Bhutanese of Nepali origin to leave their country under various pretexts. Since then the Bhutanese refugee had spent two decades in seven different refugee camps in eastern Nepal waiting a call for repatriation, but that never materialized. Lost hope of these frustrated refugees was rekindled when the core group of countries came up with the third country resettlement programs which formally begin in early 2008. Over the period of three years more than two thousand Bhutanese were resettled in Colorado alone and the arrival is ongoing. As the population of Bhutanese community in Colorado is growing in a rapid pace, need was felt to establish a community organization to foster integration, explore opportunity and help community to become better citizen of tomorrow in this new found homeland. Thus the bud of need finally bloom with the birth of Global Bhutanese Community Colorado, Inc (GBCC, Inc), the organization of  Bhutanese community registered in the state of Colorado.    
Map of Bhutan

GBCC is a non-profit Social Organization formed by the Bhutanese in Colorado with the objectives to help Bhutanese and other refugee communities during their transition period to become independent and integrate in the mainstream life of United States of America through education, cultural exchange, advocacy and networking.
GBCC adhere to operate within the parameter of State and Federal guidelines to accomplish its vision.

  • The organization shall endeavor to preserve, protect and promote diverse Bhutanese language, religion, culture and tradition, while protecting and respecting the language, religion, culture and tradition of other communities.
  • The organization shall endeavor to build close relationship with other communities, organizations and Institutions in and around Colorado to facilitate Bhutanese community to find jobs, education and training opportunity. 
  • The organization shall endeavor to establish trust fund and shall lobby for donation to fulfill its vision.
  • The organization shall work towards women’s empowerment through education and involving them in various activities.
  • The organization shall endeavor to create different activities for the Youths and Children to foster ethics, social values and positive attitude thereby creating healthy new generation in America.
  • The organization shall, without discrimination, endeavor to support seniors; mentally and physically challenged by involving them in a creative activities.
  • The organization shall endeavor to extend global support to the refugees and the victims of natural disaster.
  • The organization shall strive to uphold global campaign for the promotion of Human Rights and Social Justice and promote global happiness to institute peaceful and harmonious world for the future generation.   

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